Writing Site Rip -24

Those who had been M.Q.’s friends and loyal Shills were outraged that he could do this to them.  Sure, rip off the stupid members of the site who had  no idea what was happening, but them?  

Rip them off?

Some time later a chap who had been one of M.Q.s Shill popped onto a site called Oji.   He saw articles He had written (over the name ‘Staff Writer’).   He saw other articles he’d first read on Riprite.   He knew this was M.Q.’s site.

M.Q. had  ripped off him and the other Shills as he had everyone else.

The point, however, was that he had been a paid Shill.

He had been paid to bring in suckers, paid to attack anyone who criticised the site. He knew the site was ripping off the writers, he knew everything and was PAID to attack.

However, the most active supporters of Riprite, the ones who offered explanations and reasons why it went down, were idiots that he and the other Shills had brought in, and had ripped off.

What do you think?

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Written by jaylar

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