Writing Site Rip -22

M.Q., who owned Riprite, who hired and paid the Shills  was thinking ahead.  Thinking about closing the site, taking the money and running.

Taking the money, not paying his Shills, and opening another site.  This time alone.

He wouldn’t have to share his revenue with anyone.

He didn’t need to pay Shills to support and defend, there were idiots out there who would support and defend for nothing!

Idiots who had no inkling of why he did what he did, but would create reasons, and attack their fellow writers!

This revelation had not been imagined.  M.Q. never thought some average writer who used his site, someone who had been subject to his playing with hits/views, creating ‘high’ and ‘low’ value articles, (as well as dropping his best writers to ‘Member’ so he can steal their work and pay them nothing) would ever ‘defend’ him or his site.

But shockingly, persons he was actually ripping off (but paying every month) defended his site, created reasons, excuses, explanations.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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