Writing Site Rip – 20

Can you imagine being a writer on a site.  Just a writer. 

You don’t know the Owner, you don’t know the Shills, you don’t even know there are Shills.   You don’t even guess that all these Users you see writing ‘High Value’ items are the Duals of the Owner and the Shills.

You write on the site and someone else who writes there makes a complaint; maybe you see it on another writing site.

Could you, in all honesty, attack that writer because you ‘were always paid’ ?

Could you offer ‘explanations’ about what you don’t know?

Hundreds of people can and do.  Hundreds of people will ‘defend’ a site, ‘defend’ a fraud, as if they get something from it.

And when they are ripped off, can they complain?


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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