Writing Site Rip – 15

M.Q. and his Shills had expected that Riprite would be attacked by disgruntled members and prepared for it.  

They  knew they’d be attacked because they WERE RIPPING OFF THE MEMBERS.  

They had planned their retaliation.  They would, using their duals, make a gang attack on a complaining user, so that it would seem that the user was a singular nutjob.

What M.Q. and his Shills did not expect was that average users of Riprite would join the fray of attacking the hapless writer.

The Owner, his Shills, didn’t need to attack a complainer;  this  was being done by idiots who didn’t realise they were being ripped off.

M.Q. and his friends found it hysterically funny that this could happen.

Imagine a moron who joined Riprite, who had his or her first five articles stolen by the site. Whose views were being juggled so he would not realise he was being paid for 100 views when he had 300.   Who didn’t appreciate that the ‘high’ value ‘low’ value was untrue, and every 6 hits was 1c, regardless of the topic.

Imagine a moron, who was subjected to all these actual rip offs,  attacking fellow users!

What do you think?

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Written by jaylar

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