What you need to know when Buying HP Toner?

When shopping a new HP Printer Toner Cartridge it is not that simple to determine what type and size you need. Just a small stone! Not to worry at all, since there are many people like you who are unsure before buying the new HP toner ink.

Things Every Toner Buyer Should Understand When Buying HP Toner

When shopping printer toners you will experience that various types of HP toners are having special labels on them including different warnings and different page yields.  When you are trying to buy HP toner cartridges online the process of purchasing and replacing the toner cartridges doesn’t have to be nerve-racking. A few tips and a little bit of knowledge regarding the printer brand can help you search out the best deals in a fraction of time.

Basic Information

When buying HP toner cartridge it is important to understand the basic information in regards to the cartridge replacement. There are a few things that should be available while comparing and shopping the HP cartridges.

  • The size of the cartridge
  • The page yield
  • The type of toner color; whether black or white.
  • The budget you have in mind for cartridge replacement
  • The type of cartridge

Different Types of Cartridge

Toner cartridges are available in three different types. These cartridges are moreover available at any local cartridge shop or you can even buy them through an online retailer.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Cartridges (OEM) – These cartridges are manufactured by the original manufacturer of your printer. OEM cartridges produce best quality printing and offer a large amount of page yield for not only black but also for color cartridges.

Compatible Cartridges – HP compatible printer toner cartridges are manufactured by a third party manufacturer. They can be used in any HP printer. These generic cartridges produce acceptable quality printing and a good amount of page yield.

Remanufactured Cartridges – Each part of these cartridges, whether ink or the plastic covering, is manufactured from recyclable materials. They are the cheapest options to buy, but also provide the lowest page yield and comparatively poor quality printing.

Knowing the key difference between these three important types of cartridges will help you get the best printing quality. If you are looking for the best quality print outs and the ultimate value for your hard earned money, analyzing the quality of these three types can really have an impact in deciding what product you will want to spend money on.

Analyzing Quality

It is usually said that compatible HP cartridges are the best option to buy for any HP printer. But if you are interested in knowing the statistical information, original toners can print more than 90% of the acceptable sample pages, whereas the other two options can only print approx 60plus%. Of course, it wholly depends on what quality of printing you want to have.

If you require printing documents only for some internal use, then you may not care about the quality.  But, if you frequently require printing invoices, business documents, letters to external clients or suppliers, etc., then certainly, you will need higher quality print outs which without any doubt will be possible by using the original cartridges.

It is hard to identify the difference between original and compatible toners especially when you are dealing with prints that are usually texts. But, while printing images and graphs, the quality between both types- original and compatible cartridge – is more noticeable.

Reliability of HP Compatible Toners

Well, reliable toner cartridges will never spoil your printer machine; will never run out of toner before expected time; and significantly, will never decrease the quality of print out or page yields. Researchers say that original toners never fail in reliability studies.

People’s opinion on the quality of compatible HP toners in comparison with the original ones is divided. Compatible products are expertly tested and approved by the printer manufacturers. For being approved by the brand itself, compatible cartridges seem to be worthy of using with the company’s own printer. So, you can say that compatible HP toners are as good as the original HP toners.

Moreover, compatible toners can save a considerable amount of $$$ especially when you require to print papers on a daily basis. If you can scarify a little bit of printing quality, you may be interested in knowing that compatible cartridges can be the most cost-effective option that will not damage your printer.

The Bottom Line

The difference between the two major types of cartridges- compatible and original – is merely visible when printing out papers with a lot of details; in term of graphics and images. Talking about text documents, the differences aren’t noticeable. But remember, quality is crucial when it is about external correspondence documents.

Now after having useful information about the original toner cartridges HP it’s the time to search out the best deals. Your printer is the most important gadget that works hard to provide you quality work in the form of print outs. Never get attracted to the first cheap printer toner cartridge you come across at any local store.

Cheap options could be quite expensive in the long run. Look into online stores, like ‘’ for the best quality products and highest savings with best deals and arrays of compatible, OEM, and recycled toner cartridges.


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