Web Design Aesthetics 101 – Matching the Tone to Your Client Base

Whenever you indulge in a conversation with someone, the first thing you notice is the tone! Of course, you do notice how they are looking, and what they are saying, but the tone also matters. If you feel it is off, then you would rather not engage in conversation any longer! You would feel like ending the conversation ASAP. Do not let your clients feel the same way! No, we are not talking about your conversational skills. What we are talking about is the tone of your business.

Experts in web design in North Sydney like SEO North Sydney work hard to understand what the tone of your website should be like. The experts have been dealing with numerous websites and know what your website’s tone should be like! This will ensure that no one feels “weird” visiting your website. Believe us, if they feel alienated, they will never visit again. The worst part is that they will even provide bad references!

How can you create a Good Tone for the Web Design?

You need to find your voice! We think that this is a piece of advice many people may give to shy friends and family. We would want to offer the same advice to you. But not for you, your website! You will have to find the tone and voice of your website. But, you will have to set that based on a few things! What are those you ask? Well, here they are:

1. Target Audience/Clients: If you have no idea about what kind of clients you want, you can never reach the right tone. So, here are a few factors you will need to count on:

  • Age Group of the Client: We will just say thing, you will not address adolescent teens and mature adults with the same tone, right?! So, why would you do so with your website? You will need to zero in on the age group of the client, and set it accordingly!
  • Location:  Do you plan on going local, national or international! If your clients are spread across the world, then the approach must be international, and not localized. This is because you will have to deal with many communities from different countries.
  • Values of the Clients:  Have a look through your target audience type. This is because you will need to decide that whether they are conservative  or impulsive?
  • Requirement: Finally, you will need to understand what the client wants from you and your website! If you cannot zero in on the need of the client, then you can never set the proper tone of the web design!

2. The Aim of your Website: Next, you will have to take into account what you want to achieve with your website! Here are some questions you need to ask:

  • Do you want a blog or an e-commerce website that produces sales?
  • What is the scope of work that you wish to achieve with your website?
  • Do you want an educational factor in your website?
  • Will the website offer engaging content for the clients?
  • Do you want higher conversion rates or retention rates? Or, do you want both?
  • Will the website be friendly, open or formal?

When you have answered all these questions, you will have found the right tone for the web design! Factor it all in! Why do you need to keep tabs on these factors? Well, these are factors that only you can help with. It is true that the experts will build the right tone for the web design! But, you will have to provide them with all the correct inputs. Once you create the perfect combination, no one will be able to stop your website from reaching success!


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