US company introduced child care ‘Little Sophia’

New York: The American company introduced Little Sophia named Robot who is able to understand the children’s language and fulfill their wishes. The company has named this Robot Little Sofia ‘Education Alexa’. This little Sophia also has the ability to understand the face impression of children and parents.

The height of the robot is 36 cm. Little Sophia sing and tell jokes and stories for crying children.

The system installed in a female robot helps in understand the surrounding human and natural environment. According to the experts it’s a little teacher, which will teach science, technology, mathematics and engineering to children between 7 and 13 years, especially girls. According to the company spokesman, Sophia is able to understand children’s language and skill coding and the cost of this robot was set only 99 dollars.

Previously experts have introduced the Sophia influenced female robot understanding human impressions. Saudi Arabia gave its honorary citizenship, it was the first and unique event of the historic history.

Later, Sophia also addressed the UN General Assembly, The members were surprised were astonished. Last year Sophia expressed her desire that she needs a daughter so that she can get closer to humans.

60 kinds of mechanisms have been installed inside the Sophia to change the face impression with artificial intelligence.

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