Top Tips for PPC In 2019

Are you searching for PPC (Pay per Click) tricks and tips to take your paid campaign to the next level? PPC channels, tools, trends and practices are evolving constantly, faster than most of us can stay updated with them. So, if we don’t try new things, you are likely to be left behind.

Here are some top tips for PPC in 2019 as prescribed by PPC management services Toronto:

Test a New Channel

The internet is becoming a bigger place every day and people are spending more and more time on an increasing number of social media channels and websites.

PPC can be targeted as per some new channels like:

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

One powerful channel is Quora. It is a unique channel with targeting options that imitate search, display and social channels. It is the easiest way to flex your search muscles. It is very easy to use and comes equipped with all the sophisticated audience building and conversion tracking to become successful.

Map Conversion Actions

All net users are not in the same place in their buying process and hence, should not be asked to complete the same conversion action. When building your PPC campaigns, it is vital to know what conversion action is relevant to each stage of the funnel. Though one cannot market 1-1 with a call to action for literally every user, one can come close to this.

In 2019, it is time to take inventory of all your calls to action. Become knowledgeable where they fit in the buyer funnel and map these into your campaigns accordingly. Next, devote some time and fill in gaps that are missing.

Mapping reveals that most people do not buy in the first visit, and they need some nurturing. After mapping, you might discover some weaknesses which you could fill with better calls to action. For instance, suppose in your B2B funnel, there is some great content for download, but it is out of date. The ideal solution is to refresh the content to make it more meaningful. Also, you could build up a free tool to show users how much can be saved through your solution. Be creative and consider what your potential customer would want and find of value and not simply what you possess currently.

Retargeting Lists by Date Ranges

One must not target all users in the same way. But it is commonplace to lump together all users in one huge heap for re-targeting. The fact is, someone who did not convert on your site yesterday is far distinct from someone who didn’t convert 80 days ago.

Hence, it is a valuable practice in 2019 to devote some time and build out new audiences on the basis of date ranges through your campaign for retargeting. This will permit you treat your last 7 day users with the decency they deserve and possibly leave alone the 80 day back user, based on how likely they are to convert.

Ultimately, one should be creating more useful and meaningful ads for your audiences and also help to cut out under-performing segments from your campaigns. It is a win-win situation for all.

These are some of the top tips for PPC in 2019.


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