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Top Six SEO Myths You Should Not Believe

What all have you tried to improve the visibility of your website on the internet till now? Assumingly, SEO must have been a part of your digital marketing strategy. Well, why not? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is that internet marketing strategy of which the importance has remained intact regardless of the several changes being introduced in the digital marketing techniques and technology in the last decade. Search Engine Optimization means to check the functionality of the search engines, website ranking algorithms and ensuring that a website meets the preference and set standards of search engines. SEO is an internet marketing process in which reliable keywords are used to create quality content which is capable of engaging a plethora of the target audience on the webpage.

Managing SEO is not as easy as it might look and requires professionalism and skills to be effective. Thus, many online businesses search the best SEO services provider in Delhi on search engines like Google but get confused because of the vast range of information it offers. In this confusion, many people forget to consider the myths about SEO services that they should not believe in. So here are the top six SEO myths which you should keep in your mind while looking for the best SEO services in Delhi.

1- More Investment, More Success

It is totally pointless to believe that spending more on SEO will help you achieve great results. SEO is about finding the right keywords that people actually use on search engines and having the knowledge of right demography and time of year for marketing. Even if you have a deep pocket to invest in expensive SEO service in Delhi, you might fail to succeed in increasing the rank of your website if your SEO strategy is wrong.

2- Only High Rank is Important

What is the use of achieving a high rank when it is incapable of providing high conversion rate and profitability? Thus, it is unreliable to believe that once you have achieved a higher rank on the Search Engine Result Pages, you don’t have to worry about your conversions. Different keywords vary on the basis of their convertibility and profitability, thus, finding the most reliable keyword is more important.

3- SEO is an Isolated Job

No SEO can work properly without close interaction with a team of content creators, website UX, and multi-device optimizers. Every website is optimized so that it can run uninterruptedly on every device and screen size and meet the content requirement of every user. It is impossible for an SEO consultant to manage everything alone, thus, SEO professional, content developers, website designers, and multi-device optimizers work together as a team to accomplish the final goals.

4- More Links, Better SEO

The thing that matters in the SEO world is how to create a content that is so irresistible for other websites that they attach their links with the webpage for their own value profit. So instead of increasing the number of links by purchasing them from cheap and poor sources, focus on creating a quality content that is informative, insightful, guidable, and above all, valuable.

5- Suitable for Every Business

Since it is an organic (free of cost) form of internet marketing strategy, SEO is considered suitable for every type of business. However, it should not be construed so because SEO takes a long period of time to show profitable results. Thus, businesses with a short life span and desire to achieve quick results, are here advised to invest in paid search tactics instead of SEO.

6- Meta Tags are Pointless

Since the first impression is the last impression, it is important to work on the first impression of the webpages on the Search Engine Result Pages by using meta tags. Meta tags are small and attractive descriptions of the webpages that catch the attention of users and result in increased click rates.

With so many informative links and information on the internet about SEO, it is obvious for non-professionals and beginners to confuse the myths with the truth. So, go through the foregoing SEO myths thoroughly before embarking upon your own SEO tactic.


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