Top 4 IT Certifications to Build a Brighter Career for You

There is no doubt that IT is overruling almost every other industry due to its daily advancements in the infrastructure and methodology of working. It leads an individual to follow a pathway that takes him to a successful destination. Huge opportunities are always waiting for you to come and grab them. All you need is make a choice, learn the basics and work efficiently in the field.

Why do you need to be certified?

Certification is always needed if you want to build a career in IT. Why is it needed? It acts as a stamp on your skills that you can perform a specific task efficiently related to your niche. It tells your employer that if they hire you, you will perform doubtlessly on the job, achieving your target in a perfect professional way.

What level of qualification is required?

To your surprise, you don’t need any qualifications to get a certification. If you are willing to start a career in IT, you can just start doing a certification without having any education degree in your hands. IT just demands you to have a good hand on your work. There isn’t any preconditional exam demand to start doing a certification. You just need to add a plus to your skills by getting a certificate for grooming yourself and your career.

How can this article be helpful?

This article will be a great help if you want to read something simple and easy to understand. If you want to start a career in IT by becoming an IT expert, you can find the world’s top 4 certifications with detailed discussion. If an employee wants to be an expert, he can choose any of these certifications to have a groundbreaking start in a career in IT.

Now, let’s discuss the top most important certifications one by one.

1.      CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate):

It is a tech giant in the IT network. It is basically a lower-level certificate. It has a good explanation about different things in networking like how to install switches and routers and how to operate them. It also explains about troubleshooting common problems in any network. CCNA has further disparities in its syllabus depending on the market demand for wireless networking. Many doors of opportunities can open for you if you hold this certification as many employers always look for fresh certificate holders.

Getting this certificate is quite easy and possible. You just need to pass a 90-minutes exam of CCNA to get this certification. Almost 90,000 jobs get published over the internet, demanding CCNA only. We are writing some of the job titles for you to understand after doing CCNA:

§  System administrator

§  Network Support Engineer

§  Network Engineer

§  Helpdesk Engineer

§  Second and the first line support

2.  Network+:

This certification is recognized worldwide. A person can design, manage and troubleshoot a problem in various and wired network problems after getting a certification in Network+. It configures wireless, wired and other latest technologies. You need to attempt 90 questions to pass this exam to get this certificate. This certificate has very high demand in the market, 5500 jobs are posted on the internet every year with Network+ requirement. Here are some of the job titles for these certificate holders:

§  Helpdesk technician

§  IT specialist

§  IT technician

§  IT director

§  Network Engineer

§  Network administrator

3.      ACA (Apple Certified Associate):

Apple is the 3rd largest computer retailer in the United States of America. The traditional environment of IT is based on windows. Apple is distinguished in this regard, getting Mac users into its environment. Getting ACA certification is very easy for students. Apple doesn’t let you come to an examination hall to attempt your paper. Instead, you can get this certificate while sitting in your homes, in front of your computer screens. This exam provides convenience to its attempters.

Its study material is also very easy to get. You can download the pdf files provided on the official website of Apple. You don’t need a tutor to help you understand the basic concepts. You can read and understand the files yourself. The study pdf is comprised of 50 pages only. Also, you don’t need to worry about financial problems. Its exam fee is very low which is affordable for everyone.

4.      Microsoft Azure Fundamentals:

If you want to get the Microsoft Azure fundamentals certification, the only exam you need to pass is Az-900 along with an optional exam in all the other Azure paths. If a candidate is looking for a demonstrating level of foundational knowledge of cloud and wants to know how these services are provided with Microsoft Azure, Az-900 is the best option designed for him and other people like him. Whether you have a technical or non-technical background, you can choose this exam. Non-technical background involves the selling and purchasing of cloud-based solutions while the technical background involved the fundamental validation of knowledge around cloud services.

Az-900 exam is not easy to pass, you can not cram the whole syllabus easily. There are many companies that provide AZ-900 dumps. All you need is to learn and prepare them and attempt your exam.

Time for you to decide:

It takes a long time to work on earning a certificate according to your own needs and desire. But eventually, it will put you on the right path to walk on. If you want to start working for a great career in the industry of information technology, you need to choose any of these certifications that you find is most demanding and easy to attempt. These are just the starting points. It’s up to you how long can you go by enhancing your skills and clearing your concepts. You can’t deny the growing demand for IT in the world. It will not stop at any point so you will not regret choosing this industry for a brighter career. No one is going to ask about your academic background, all they want is your certification in the related field, so take a step forward, make a decision and stick to it.

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