Tips to Prevent Malicious Activity on Android

Does my Android phone have a virus? Is it infected with malware? Will my data be held for ransomware? Which is the best antivirus for android to protect your Smartphone? If you find yourself asking these questions,then here is some useful information about Android phones that may help answer your questions.

What can malware on Android phones do?

Traditionally, the goal of malware has been to generate returns. Malware can steal your data and information, make your device send SMSs to premium-rate text services, or install adware that forces you to view or download apps, web pages. Info stealers can steal your contact list, your data and information, your passwords, your location, and more. With the aid of cyber criminals, malware, can access your devices and steal your information for their use or sell on the dark web. Hackers also use ransomware to encrypt personal data and lock devices, and they then demand a ransom payment from the victim to regain access to their files.

Protecting Your Smartphone from Malicious Activities

We hope that you might have understood what methods the hackers use and how it happens. So be careful in this and never give your Smartphone to any person you don’t trust and follow the steps given below to protect your Smartphones.

Update Your Phone

Always use the latest version of software on your phones.The purpose of software updates is to permit users to protect their phones,losing data, and prevent hacking attempts. The older versions can be hacked as they are more accessible by hackers and are public.

Use Security Features

Most of the devices nowadays come with face ID, pass codes, fingerprint lock and other tools to protect data and Smartphone. You should take it further to apps. Use apps to lock and unlock calls, messages, Whats App, emails and important apps on your devices. This will defend your data and help you prevent hacking attempts.

Use Official Apps

Whenever you have to install any app, make sure about it.Only use and install the official apps of any product. Use the Play Store to download and install apps. Read the user reviews to learn more about it and check if any user has reported any malicious activity associated with that app.

Ignore Spam on Smartphone

Many times spam is sent to users through emails. So be careful in this. Check and ensure before opening any file on the device. If you think it is a malware or Spam, delete it and never open such files. They can infect your device and allow hackers to access the data within minutes.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

The public Wi-Fi is another reason why many people get their phones hacked. As such connections are available to a lot of users; they can easily get into your Smartphone and do whatever they want. You should take care of this and never connect your Smartphone to public Wi-Fi connections or those that are used by many users. This will just make your phone less secure.

Protect your Android device against Malware

Don’t wait until your Android device gets infected. Make protecting your device a priority. Having the best antivirus for Android protects your devices and may help to prevent malware from spreading from device to device.


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