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Things to Remember About Android Security

Securing Android smartphone or tablet has become inevitable. Billions of Android devices are under threat of security breach. However, some companies deliberately and skillfully use security vulnerabilities to do some marketing, and the effect it is proven to be beneficial for commercial purposes.

Here are a few things that should be kept in mind regarding android security.

Smartphones allow downloading and installing some interesting and useful apps or software, but the fact remains that some apps can be highly harmful to the android phone. There are typically two types of threats involved with the use of Android.

Breach of personal data and information stored in Android

Use of personal data and information without consent

Sounds terrible? But that is not all, some malicious apps or software can also get people into the following security crisis:

•    Conversation may be monitored or recorded without knowing it

•    Text messages, emails and website traffic may be monitored or recorded no matter if the user is utilizing android privacy apps

•    Information stored on the mobile phone, such as contacts, photos and videos, may be obtained or copied by others

•    The passwords that have been set and saved on the android can use these passwords to log in to any personal app including bank account

•    Location of the Android phone can be tracked even if the phone is turned off

Android; the handiest, the less secure

Android phones are considered the most user-friendly. People prefer using the Android system more than iOS because Androids are proven to be easier to understand and are more customizable. Smartphones. The alarming thing is androids are also more insecure despite of the claim that Android has built-in software called Play Protect that ensures the downloaded apps are secured.

In the case of Android, the value is not only what version of the system is installed, but also with which version the device left the factory. It is undeniably not secured to be track-able and every other android phone is track-able for example, the latest application for Snapchat, allow people to locate their friends via a map.

Androids are vulnerable from attacks of viruses and Trojans. Because of the fact that android is more commonly used than other systems and their market share is significantly high, Android has become one of the main soft targets for malware developers.

Android Security

Android keeps running on an extensive variety of gadgets, from versatile cell phones and tablets to set-top boxes. Before downloading any app on the phone or any devices that are operated through Android specifically, it is always wise to find out what other users have to say about the specific app. Consider what is their concern and whether they find those apps expedient or not? There are additionally various applications that can be utilized to lookout information on the Android gadget, and also mask the web movement.

How to play safe while downloading Android Apps?

Android is the most used and favored operating system for gadgets.  7 out of over 10 persons are Android users. Android is under consistent assault and users are getting more security-concerned now than ever. Regardless of the Android systems unmatchable features, some Android security apps are famously shaky. So, what can be done to avoid such security attacks? The answer is to decrease the danger by giving careful consideration to what is being downloaded in the Android device. It is advised to only trust apps that are there on the official Google Play store

It becomes easier to shield Android gadget from any semblance of programmers and crooks by empowering encryption on the device by actually downloading certain security apps

One common thing that users do is to download suspicious applications and files. These suspicious links from informal sources are a big threat for the Android gadget. It is suggested not to tap on links that originate from muddled locations

Always click the name of the developer and see what else they’ve created

Always look at the permissions the app asks for and think about whether they make sense and whether it will be secure to give them that access

Reviews are important. Always read comments of other users to find out what they have to say about the specific app. Read about what their concern is and whether they find those apps expedient or not

Finest Android Security Apps

There are additionally numerous Android security apps that can be utilized to picket information on the Android gadget, and in addition, hide your web activity. According to the Foss Bytes, mentioned below are the top Android security apps among hundreds of others. Let’s look at them.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky is an astounding security application and extraordinary compared to other antivirus applications.

Avast Security

Avast secures plenty of customers worldwide on different stages. This antivirus has a free application for an Android client which has more than 100 million downloads in the Play Store.

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security is an eminent antivirus instrument that offers assurance against all real Android dangers. It is a standout amongst the most lightweight antivirus application.

Norton Antivirus

The most recent version of Norton antivirus programming offers great Android security and that too for free. The application, for the most part, gives 100% recognition rate and evacuates malware, spyware, or Android infections that can back off the gadget.


McAfee has won numerous prominent awards since its release. The majority of the security issues such as security bolt, Wi-Fi security, battery analyzer, memory cleaner, and so forth are accessible in the free form of the application.

The problem with the security of Android system is that no matter how hard the users try and be vigilant, they have no control over the security threats. In such cases, users look up to the manufactures for putting up security matter on their priority. Android should not be considered worst in terms of the security breach but since android is more user-friendly and is preferred by users over other gadget systems. The users should be aware of the kind of security issues they can face while using the device.


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Written by Marko Phillips

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