The NWO Future is Slowly Creeping Up…

March 2019

According to this video, China and Sweden have already started with the New World Order. I have noticed that America is subtly doing things each month to make some new changes. 

By May 17, 2018, people’s behavior is rated in China. And, this will happen throughout the country. 176 million surveillance cameras all over China to control everyone.

By May 18, 2018, around 3000 Swedes have been implanted with microchips.

Bill Gates want to move to outer space, and watch the earth activities via satellite. I say, let him go. Who’s stopping him?

May 11, 2018: robots have surveillance. This is old news. I was aware of this since probably 2010.

April 2018: Building home robots

May 8, 2018: The Hart Project


What do you think?

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