Tableau a must for data analysts today

There is no doubt that data analytics plays a key role in today’s businesses. From extracting important insights from data to saving revenue, tableau is implemented by business companies throughout the globe. In fact even multiple NPOs and governmental institutions have started to adopt data analytics to reap its many benefits. Skilled data professionals also find it easier to secure employment of their choice as more and more enterprises adopt data analytics. Moreover there is a lack of trained professionals in the world and especially in booming economies like India and Malaysia the crisis runs deeper. Thus, data analytics is turning out to be the career choice for many and many are acquiring analytics skills in cities known for their IT industry. Training in analytics tools like SAS training in Singapore or Tableau training in Bangalore is quite popular nowadays and many individuals are tasting success in data analytics.

Tableau is one such analytics tool which can be used by people of all levels of technical ability.  In recent times it has reached phenomenal popularity and success.

Prowess of tableau in advanced analytics-

  • For six consecutive years now tableau has been recognized as the leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for analytics and BI.
  • With a strong customer base of more than 70K, tableau has a market share of 18.74% and leads the market.
  • It is the easiest to master among all the tools available in the market and therefore preferred by all. Moreover, there is no prerequisite knowledge to learn tableau and even if you have basic knowledge of Excel you can go for it.
  • Data visualization is the most attractive feature of tableau and today when many nontechnical people also have to interact with data; visualization becomes a very important aspect. With only a few clicks you can create box plots and tree maps and creating pie charts or predictive visuals is also very easy in tableau.
  • Insights and trends can be easily spotted in tableau using cohort analysis. And performing statistical calculations such as standard deviation, correlation or covariance is also easy in tableau.
  • Another power of tableau is that it can easily handle big data and interconnect with Python, MATLAB and R for an in-depth analysis.

What are the employment opportunities in India?

India’s digital industry is growing at a rapid space and companies are embracing analytics to excel. There is also a talent shortage in India which you can take advantage of. At any given time there are more than 2700 job openings in cities like Bangalore, Pune and Gurgaon for data professionals skilled in analytics tool like tableau. With Tableau training in Bangalore you can easily secure a good job.


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Written by Shiva Kushwaha

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