Success Rate of Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Confused between the newly emerging digital marketing strategies and the traditional call and billboard marketing? It is quite natural to be apprehensive about switching to new methods where you do not have much experience rather than just sticking with what you know and are comfortable with. Do you often wonder whether you are wary of the upcoming digital marketing companyBut the truth is although you might be doubtful about the reliability or success of such newer techniques, they are here to stay.

In this increasingly digital world, you can clearly understand the significance of keeping yourself updated with virtual technologies and key online strategies. As digitisation rises so does competition and to stay ahead, you would be better off embracing, adapting and overcoming. And to put your mind at ease, this article will help you compare the success rate of these two methods: digital marketing vs traditional marketing.

While recent and newer business trends depend on digital marketing, it is becoming increasingly clear that traditional marketing is slowly moving down the rung. But that does not mean that it is not equally valuable, if not more, in certain situations. For several of the smaller enterprises like start-ups or local businesses, these usually suffer from budgetary constraints and digital marketing techniques are comparatively more cost-effective, so they are a blessing in disguise for such new entrepreneurs, with a risk-free and profit-driven approach.

On the other hand, when you are using the practices of traditional marketing, it is much simple to reach out to a local audience or a regional demographic. And therefore, the constraint spreads out to a global audience. The answer to why many companies are making efforts to adopt digital marketing plans is because of its wider reach and cheaper services. Cutting back on marketing costs can drive up a lot of profit while making sure that you do not have to compromise on the efficiency of marketing your brand.

This type of innovative marketing yields excellent results such as greater standards of customer engagement. Since digital marketing has so many sub-types and strategies like SEO, content marketing or affiliate marketing to name a few, it gives you infinite opportunities to connect with users and followers without spending much money. You can put up new social media posts, infographics or videos advertising a new product every day, but if you had to put up new posters for billboards each day, think about the gigantic bill you would be footing whereas digital marketing doesn’t cost you a dime.

We are progressing towards a highly tech-oriented generation. Most people are tech-savvy and this has made it possible for your business to get features and go viral with little capital investment and huge returns. So irrefutably, the success of digital marketing cannot be disputed. If you consider traditional marketing, they worked excellently in the era when technology was not at its peak. But now, one-way communication is costing heavily. The cost of billboards, especially in big cities, is so high that smaller business might not be able to sustain and nurture the company if they spend so much on marketing. And without marketing, they can never promote the growth of their business. This dilemma is taken care of by digital marketing company in Delhi.

Consider the following situation. Traditional marketing methods like advertising and billboards also take more time to be rectified in case something goes wrong. Imagine having to replace entire billboards because someone failed to check the spelling error or a million other things that could go wrong. This will be harmful to your business and the success rate goes down. But in digital marketing, you can continually optimise your sites or strategies.

If you think about the success rate in terms of competition, then digital marketing will give you an edge over other rival companies. A vivacious online presence will attract consumers and you will stand apart from the crowd by gaining visibility. While using traditional marketing methods, you will fail to compete at an international level. However, if your competition is based locally, then you do have a shot to dominate over the market with effective implementation of traditional marketing methods.

Overall, both traditional and digital marketing, if employed collectively, can prove to be a ferocious competition but monetary restrictions might force you to select one. On the basis of the above-mentioned factors, you can understand that at a global or worldwide level, the success rate of digital marketing is phenomenal, but if you are looking for regional expansion, then the latter is not a bad option either. Think about what your business wants to achieve and your long-term goals or your priorities – whether it is sales, profit, or outreach among many. Thinking and being clear on these issues will help you select the best option for your business.


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