Role & Working of Face Recognition System In Surveillance World

It seems like yesterday when we were introduced to the most incredible production of technology that could further enhance the zest of the surveillance system in professional and commercial world. It didn’t took more than a decade for facial recognition system to rise from being some staple of highly advanced security systems in movies to existing all around us, even in the palm of our hands

This lucrative part of technology has been implemented in different ways in our society; such as, some use facial recognition to grant access, and few governments like the US and China use this device on databases like driver’s license for a variety of reasons

Now we’ve many things like Snapchat filters that utilize facial detection. By the way, do you know the difference between facial detection and facial recognition? Well, it’s simple!

 Difference between Facial Detection & Recognition

In facial detection, your computer affirms; yes, that’s a face” But with facial recognition, your computer confirms; “yes, that’s your face” Did you get the difference? This ability to recognize, ad confirm identity is something our brain picks up quiet instantly when we’re young.

What are the Main Areas Where Face Recognition is Widely Used?

  • Fraud Detection for Passports & Visas

After successful use of a facial recognition system in China, recent reports claim that experts using automatic face-recognition software in Australian Passport office are 10 times more efficient as compared to detecting fraud via manual method

Face recognition is also used for identifying documents including; driving license and immigration visas.

  • ATM & Banks

The face recognition systems in China were started using as first face recognition technology in ATMs. The new money machine created utilizing this innovation guaranteed expanded security of the card client and worked by mapping facial information, coordinating it against the database.

As a piece of the biometric validation, it utilized the information from facial highlights and iris acknowledgment.

For Criminal Identification

Face recognition technology has become the most demanding tool among law enforcement agencies, as it contributes to domain investigation and crime detection. Many different countries like the USA, they’re building facial recognition database to improving investigation quality

Helps Protecting Fraud Voters

Face recognition also helps to evaluate the fraud voters as many individuals used to vote different times using different names. The copy votes were avoided, all things considered, on account of the face acknowledgment innovation.

Track Attendance 

Face acknowledgment framework is being utilized by some association to follow the participation of the workers. The framework gathers and records the facial fine purposes of the representatives in the database. When the procedure is done, the representative just needs to take a gander at the camera and the participation is consequently set apart in the face acknowledgment participation framework.


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