Robotic Technology And Its Impact


As everyone one knows robotic technology is growing faster. It has made our tasks easier. These robot work according to our given instructions. Today our tasks are done by robot in a few minutes and seconds..

There are many types of robots.

Industrial Robotic technology

The robot which used in an industry are called industrial robot. These are use in car industry and air craft industry and other many industries. That is why these industries are growing up day by day. There also an other type of robot technology

Use of robots in army

Our army is also using robotic technology. For many purposes. Some well developed countries are using robotic technology as army. The way of fighting has also changed.

There are also many other organizations where this technology is used.

But main thing is that Is robotic technology is harmful for human? Is it harmful for our earth? Should we widely use robotic technology? Is modern world of robots? What is your opinion?


What do you think?


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