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Playing Sites before they Play You – Strategy 1

Those of us who have been on a number of so-called writing sites have long learned our lesson.

Whether a site is a rip off or real is unknown.   So you protect yourself.

Strategy One

Firstly,  you use different names on each ‘writing’ site.

Secondly, you keep copies.   

Often I’ll use Hubpages for ‘storage’.   I’ll post something there, their ‘mods’  will make it ‘unpublished’  because the image isn’t big enough or some other excuse.  However!  It was published on the 1st of the month.

No one can see it but me.

Thirdly, I’ll publish that article on Site One on the 3rd of the month using a different name..  A plagiarism checker, if the site even runs one, won’t pick it up because it is virtually in ‘drafts’.

Hence if Site One is dodgy, I’ll get it back up on Hubpages and alert the ‘mods’ there that it has been plagiarised.


What do you think?


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