Paying For Free

For  years the same pattern has been followed.  People will pay for things they can get for free.

Don’t bother to advise them, they will suffocate you with explanations and all sorts of ‘facts’ which make root canal pleasurable.

Everyone who buys a computer with Windows gets one month’s free malware protection.

Then, one has to pay for it.

The fact that there are better applications out there, FREE applications, will not deter someone from buying the protector.  

Telling them about the free protectors are wastes of keystrokes.

Then comes the viewing of T.V. and Movies.

Those of us who do not live in the United States have no chance of seeing particular T.V. serials.   Unless we watch free online.

To bother to advise the public about the various free services are more wasted keystrokes.

Firstly, there is a batch of folks who pay for a service which tells them that they can only get the 1st run shows from the pay site.

Secondly, there is a batch who believes that there is no free service out there.

To list all the shows; including movies I have seen free online might has well be written in Klingon, because not only doesn’t this batch believe me, but assume that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

So, believe me or not;  I watch free online.


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Written by jaylar

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