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More Cyber Tips – Don't Be Played

I’ve mentioned before, but it needs to be tattooed on your eye lids;  don’t allow people to play you.

This is not just the email from Nigeria or the Jamaican Lottery Scam, this is a site in which someone tries to pull your tongue, (as we say in Jamaica).

For example…

A user makes a post and you leave a comment.  The user demands further information/clarification.

Now before you make a key stroke check:

a) is this a person who has command of the English language?

If the answer is no, then perhaps the person didn’t understand what you posted.  Did you use slang?  Were you being sarcastic?  Does the post actually need clarification?

If the answer to a) is Yes, that the poster does have command of the English language, DO NOT RESPOND.

This is a person who for a nefarious reason is trying to get you to write something that can and will be used against you.

Remember; if you don’t Own the Site, you can not know if this so-called User isn’t the dual of Admin, isn’t trying to get you kicked off the site.

Silence works best.


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