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More Cyber Tips – Catch the Tricks – 3

To illuminate the Hubpage rip;  A top writer, a man who is famous,  posted a short story he was about to submit to a top rated hard copy magazine.

The story was up for two days on Hubpages, then ‘nonfeatured’.  He received the form email about ‘spammy elements’, proving the truth of the information he had received.

With his story now ‘nonfeatured’ he submitted it to the magazine.

To this day, Hubpages has no idea that this writer had an account with them. This day, Hubpages has no idea this famous writer had, posted his first class story they had nonfeatured.

That is because there is no human moderation.   It is all a trick.

Sure, some people will be paid because if one pays ten people out of one thousand, it is expected those ten will run around shouting that; “I was always paid!”

The outsider will assume the writer who complains is in the wrong and join Hubpages, and post.  This  ‘new blood’  will be given the red carpet to ‘prove’  that the complainer has no grounds.

Soon enough that ‘new blood’ will become ‘old blood’  and be treated to the usual non-featuring of their items.


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Written by jaylar

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