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More Cyber Tips – Catch the Tricks – 2

On Hubpages, the number of hits you need to make $1.00 a month is about  300 views per day.  Every day.  Yup.

And you won’t get paid until you hit $50.00.

So imagine you wrote an item, it’s getting hits, and Hubpages doesn’t want to pay you.  It makes the article ‘unfeatured’ and for the days it is down you earn nothing.

As a newbie you’ll race to the site to ‘fix’ the item, spend some minutes there, lots of ads popping in your face, you’ll complete, then maybe glance at another article, whatever.

The next day, or the day after, it will be non-featured again.   If you’ve haven’t caught the trick the first time, you might the second or third time.

This scam has been running for Years.

If you go to Hubpages and see the garbage they publish you will be amazed.  If you ever caught sight of an item that they non-featured, the quality is remarkable.

Hubpages cares about making money for Hubpages by ripping off the users.

It is not a unique scam, it is just one which has been proven.  


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Written by jaylar

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