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More Cyber Tips – Always Another Site Redux

Back In the early days of Cyberspace when you did a search you might come up with one site which dealt with the topic you were interested in.

With some idea of ‘copyright’ or ‘proprietary interest’  the Star Trek site, for example, was under the control of Microsoft.  If you didn’t use Microsoft Exploder, sorry, Explorer, you couldn’t get on.

That was then.

Today, there are dozens upon dozens of sites on every topic,  And the idea of ‘copyright’ is laughed at, because anyone can create a site anywhere in the world.

And many places don’t recognise copyright.  Further, the call initials can be useful. Tuvulu, an island you never think of, became a hub because it’s initials, “tv”  were put  at the end of an address.

Due to such competition, when you are stepped on at a particular site, do a search.  You’ll find another.


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