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Modern Gadget Beyond Its Purpose

The mobile gadget has changed its diversity through modern features: equipped with a camera and video camera, music player, email, GPS, etc. Mobile phone users can do everything with all the features installed in this kind of gadget. It is beyond the necessity of the people in talking or sending messages to any place.

If the American psychologist is still alive, I am sure he will revise his psychological health theory. Abraham Harold Maslow will include modern gadgets in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It is the basic needs of people nowadays. Some people claimed that they can’t survive without this man-made technology and it continues to more advanced development. Others will say, “ We can survive without using modern gadgets.” This is only referred to like people who turned their backs to changes in this world.

In reality, modern gadgets became part of the lives of people. Whatever the lifestyle of a person, it always comes to the point of using the diversity products of prestige companies. They are ruling the industry in years and continued to gain more profit from different types of people around the globe.

In some organizations or institutions, they started to equip their facility with robotic devices to lessen the workload of employees. It started to brainwash the notion of business tycoons to install modern machines and let the human resource personnel lay off the employees. It definitely lessens the labor cost and gains more profit from the consumers.

Even if the world turned upside-down, we cannot deny that people are being controlled with this modern technology. Others will refuse the facts about this opinion. It is still the reality that people are indulging in changes. If they will not go to the flow of changes, the end result will be left behind by others.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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