Lg TV vs Samsung TV: Finding the best TV for your home entertainment system

Two well-known brands are at the top of their game this year, and by this, the Smart TV edition. And with the best brands releasing their own variants of smart TV series, they also come with the best set of innovative features to take your viewing experience to the next level.

So in this article, we are going to take a closer look at the recent released TVs from two of the biggest brands – the Samsung QLED TV and LG OLED TV. This article will shed light on the difference between the OLED display and the QLED display so that readers are more informed on what the best features to look for when choosing between the Samsung TV and the LG smart tv at Domayne and get smart tv deals.

QLED vs OLED: What’s the difference between the two?

QLED is known for its quantum dots display which has microscopic molecules. These molecules can emit their own light once they are hit by a light source. For the QLED TV model, the dots are contained inside a film and its light source is the LED backlight transmitted through screen layers and eventually reaching the surface of the screen. As for the OLED TV variant, the Organic Light Emiting Diodes do not need LED backlights. Its lighting actually comes from its million OLED sub-pixels that emit their own light that composes the image.

QLED vs OLED: Display and Image quality comparison

The reviews on OLED TV state that it has great display and has earned 10 out of 10 reactions in terms of picture quality, however, Samsung promotes that the QLED TV has significantly stronger colours on screen than its competitor. With its quantum dots display, it brought out a perfect, accurate delivery of color projection, color volume, and color brightness.

Still, OLED TV has an almost-perfect viewing angle and uniformity on screen, so even when you switch seats and get a view from a different angle the colors and lighting won’t fade. The OLED TV maintains its display, color projection and brightness in whichever viewing angle you choose.

The two have some definite similarities such as their 4K resolution and even increase to an 8K resolution. The features on color and video processing are almost at par with each other and do not have any advantage over the other whatsoever.

QLED vs OLED: Size Variants and Pricing

When it comes to the price range, these premium entertainment devices are already within the high-ranking scale. OLED TVs only come in three size variants: 55-inch, 65-inch and the 77-inch models. To give you an idea, the smallest LG OLED TV is being sold at around $2000 so looking at the larger models, the price range will obviously go beyond $2K. With the Samsung QLED series, it has a huge range of size variants. Its smallest would be their 43-inch and the others are your 49-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch, 85-inch and the largest one is the 98-inch variant. With this extensive range on QLED TV sizes, you have numerous options to go for an inexpensive version.

With this acquired information, we hope this article has helped you decide which Smart TV model is right for you.


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