Jamaica’s Entry into Cyberspace – 4

What  we learned was not ‘formal’  we learned (I was going to say ‘on our feet’ but it was more on something else) while we did.

We learned about proxy servers, I.P. addresses, malware, and a host of other stuff, before we entered cyberspace.

We used Linux and knew enough about Windows and its ‘exploder’ (Internet Explorer) to Never use it.

In those days, when we had a new laptop which came fully bloated with Windows, we’d run a disc cleanup and defrag and dismantle much of it.

When the Internet became available,  we could use Netscape Navigator until 95 came along with Exploader. We’d  connect to the Internet, via Exploder, download some other browser,  download a malware detector.

We’d disable Exploder, run our malware detector, then download another.  We would havetwo detectors at the same time.

We’d create passwords with a twist, as the aforementioned t0ast whichcould become t0@st. And we’ d be very choosy on what we opened.   We would have a number of email accounts. This one was private, only given to friends and that one was business, and this one was for joining other sites.

We’d create ‘duals’  that is another user, so that we could be white American males, who got more respect than those from 3rd world countries, or women in general.

In short, we came on the Internet prepared.


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