Instagram to downgrade indirectly Offensive Posts

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms maybe after Facebook and Whatsapp. Although Instagram and Facebook share a common platform in terms of business, the kind of content posted and shared on both the platforms differ. On Instagram, content is conveyed more in the form of images and videos. As images speak more than the words, the engagement achieved for each post is effective on Instagram.

Every social media faces problems for scam and violent content. Instagram is also facing one such issue. Posts that show violence, without directly showing in images but meaning it indirectly, are categorized as non-recommended. Such posts will be demoted on Instagram, which means such posts might not get the viewership and are less explored on Instagram Hashtags.

This move will discourage the content creators from creating such posts and monetizing the same. Content moderators at Instagram initially identify such posts and later based on machine learning, an algorithm is used to filter out such posts. Without actually removing offensive posts, Instagram is indirectly affecting the ideas behind such posts. This move puts a full stop for indirect and explicit content.

It is also a valid reason for fake news, click bait, and pestering posts. With the inclusion of artificial intelligence in identifying non-recommendable content, some questions raised about the policies to distinguish what is right and what is not. It is so far sure, and there could be a lot of debatable questions and complaints raised against this new policy.


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