In the Year 2070 Will People Be Asking ~ What's Google? (O.o)

Since reading the book and seeing the movie “1984” and living through the late Prince’s hit song “1999” (Party Like It’s 1999), and wondering why Justin Bieber thought it would be cool to “party like it’s 3012” (What’s going to happen in 3012??) … I have come to realize that futuristic books and movies need to project way way way out into the future.

Like if you’re in 2020, instead of predicting what technology will be in 2070 (the next 50 years), you should probably predict what it will be like in the year 2520 (the next 500 years).

That way nobody is still alive like me to say … “Yeah! Uhh … that 1984 scenario?  1984 came and went!  Big Brother didn’t happen! … Also, 1999 came and went.  It wasn’t the party of the century!” 

There is an article by eMarketer dated 2017 which reveals the results of a survey which asks the question:

  • Will People Still Be Googling in 50 Years?

Of course, those who responded to the Survey said: YES!.

But 50 Years?  That’s not a future prediction.  In terms of technology, 50 years is like the blink of an eye.  The question should have been:

  • In 500 years, will people still know what Google is?

Doesn’t matter what the answer to the survey is because in 500 years not one person who answered the question will be around to say … “I remember when …”

Just a random thought.


What do you think?

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