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Important Steps to Social Media Success

According to studies, Social media amounts to 30 percent of all time spent online. It has become a new major way people discover and buy products or show involvements. Marketers can reach out to potential customers through Social media. Most marketers currently say they use Social media for business especially Facebook platform for business growth. Other platforms for social media marketing for B2B have also emerged in recent years and have proven successful like LinkedIn, Instagram and others. But before you jump into concepts such as Facebook Advertising and other tools lets first get around a basic Social Media Strategy that you can follow for maximum output.

Start with one and do it properly

It can be very daunting to figure out a Social strategy if you don’t already have one. There a lot of social media engagement platforms now available out there; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Blogging, Tumblr… Firstly, figure out one social media platform which suits best to your business goal. See what type of engagement you will need. Go for the channel that’s famous for your customer demographics. Once you make a name on one Social media platform there is always room to grow it in others but let that be a later part. Pick one and invest time and resources properly in that one will garner proper result without overwhelming you.


Having a beautiful brand presence on a social channel is just not enough, it is very important for a brand to interact and engage with social followers, this ensures customer retention in the long run. People coming to your brand pages with questions, comments, and stories are potential customers and if they are not receiving any response from the company, they will not remain loyal customers for very long. You need someone from your company to man the social counter and provide the same level or even better customer service than they find on regular channels.

Internal Policy

An internal policy governing employee participation in social channels is important. Different businesses will have different requirements. It is a good idea to state what employees should refrain from talking about on social channels and employees should be encouraged to participate

Your employees are the best social advocates for your business and they are supposed to feel empowered in participating in the social conversation, with a clear understanding of the acceptable boundaries. Your business will benefit from the increased social reach when employees support it with their personal social followings to spread the good word.

Reduce or remove the Noise

A lot of inactive accounts will create confusion for the customers who may be looking for your real brand presence online. It’s important to figure out how many social accounts you need. Multiple accounts are mostly not needed and should be avoided unless you have specific goals to reach that require multiple channels. Keep your communication consistent by focusing on fewer accounts and maintaining them.

Be Human

Communicating and connecting with Customers will make the customers like the brand, even more, love brands. Even when posting messages as a brand it’s good to let your social audience know who is behind the logo.

Customers feel they are truly interacting with an actual human being and gives them a better sense of connection with the company’s representatives. A human touch will go a long way If you are using social for customer service inquiries.

Best The Mobile-Social Revolution

If your business has not yet invested in a mobile-optimized website or app having a strong presence on social channels becomes even more crucial for your business. Studies have shown most mobile users to spend a majority of that time on social media and if that time is not utilized properly you are losing on an opportunity.

Social media is still in early stages and continues to rapidly evolve. What the landscape will look like in few years we have no idea so staying up to date and adapting to growing markets with latest marketing strategies as these is must for businesses to survive.


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Written by Addie Davison