Idiocracy – Listen to the Voice

The BBC is, of course, not the only news service, but is the most obstreperous.  Once only available on Short  Wave, (unless the local station broadcasts) the BBC World Service can be heard on FM.

This is not, as many might have thought, a way to insure the spread of information, it has become a method of diversion.

If one were to listen to a Broadcast of News from the BBC, done in the 70s, the dichotomy is obvious.

In those days, the presenter spoke with authority.   S/he took their time, pronouncing the words carefully and with some portend so that the tone suggests that this is important.

This attracts attention and one is provoked to listen.

Today, the entire presentation of information has been altered.

Some of the presenters drop their voice when reading the news so that many words are lost.   Some rush  through the news broadcast, inferring it is not important.  These actions subliminally effect the listener.  One is virtually dissuaded from listening, as the impression that what is being broadcast is not particularly worth hearing.

The Blah Blah is spoken clearer,  slower, as if  what is being discussed is important.

This is not an accident.

The purpose of the BBC is not inform or educate, it is to distract.


What do you think?


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