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In a previous article I mentioned how Jamaicans were made to believe that a pidgin derivative of English was a language.  It is of course, no more than badly spoken English with mispronunciations and invented words.

For example, if a person does not know the answer, the English speaker would say, “I don’t know.”  The patwa speaker would say “me nah no”, run together as one word; “menano.”

The use of ‘me’ instead of ‘I’ the use of ‘nah’ instead of ‘don’t’ and the pronunciation of ‘know’  in quick manner is not a ‘language’ it is a pidgen.

Further, with Haiti so close and their abandonment of French among the lower classes for ‘Creole’ while those who are employed and in the upper classes speak it, is a clear warning to Jamaica that speaking a so-called language that no one else speaks condemns the speaker to poverty.

Haiti was/is/will be the poorest  country in the Western Hemisphere because the population speaks no known language.

Jamaica will follow Haiti in which the upper classes will speak English, the middle may be familiar with patwa and able to use it when necessary, but the lower class speaks and understands nothing but patwa.

I use the Jamaican example to shine a light on the inarticulate president of the United States who is unable to speak English beyond the 2nd grade level.

His inability is accepted by the population, for many are poorly educated, and do not have the ability to think.   His little words are easily comprehended by a population which is systematically being dumbed down so as to be unable to comprehend complex ideas.


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