How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 54

Since 2010, most ‘online writing sites’  are scams in on way or another.

That is the sad reality.

As previously mentioned, in ancient days you would know, before you posted, that this  site pays 1c for every 6 views, that one pays  1c for every 25 views, etc.   And every single day, your earnings were updated.

In ancient days, there were no thresholds.

Today, a site, like this one, Virily, doesn’t tell you how much you get for a view.

They created this dishonest scheme of Virils so that they can play with your earnings every single day.     You might have reached the ‘threshold’  within a few weeks, but the site,  with it’s ‘pending’ will erase that.

It will drop the value of your Viril, so that YOU won’t be paid.  Another writer will.

The dishonesty of sites is only exposed when they step on the wrong toe in the wrong location.

When someone from the Attorney General’s Office in New York City is alerted, and investigates and sends a warning, the site instantly closes and the owners ‘disappear’.

They can not defend or justify, for  they are stealing their writer’s earnings.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar