How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 42

Slow  moderation has always been the death of a site.  This is why many sites which didn’t want to lose their best writers would avoid delay by putting writers into different categories.

The  newbie had to prove him or herself, so everything was eye balled.

Good writers would be moved to another category where they were published  immediately.  This prevented them from posting elsewhere, and leaving the site with the ‘copy’.

With  a dearth of good online publishing sites today, many of these Slow Trick Sites, which would have died a few months after opening.  In 2008, even as late as 2015, slow moderation was fatal, for there were so many choices.

Of course, the second a new site appears, the best writers will post the same article on the new site as the slow site.

The slow site will be left with nothing but ‘plagiarised’ work… work that was actually posted first on their site but, due to slow moderation,  appears on the new site first.

Yes, read everything the newbie posts, but good writers?   It is only the site that will suffer from slow moderation.

What do you think?

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