How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 25

Where there is no editor, a particular category of users can take advantage of the absence. Their grammar and spelling is perfect. They know how to find and post images that meet the criterion.

Most of all, they know how to use Key Words and how to develop a Template. That is, a 1k word or more article which says nothing but where the Key Words can be popped in.

“All over the world people are interested in &&&. I am sure you are interested in &&&. Some people are somewhat afraid of &&&. &&& is nothing to be afraid of……”

The article will continue for 1k words, saying nothing. Empty statement after empty statement. But repeating the day’s ‘key word’ (i.e. on Monday &&& is exercise, on Tuesday &&& is diet, on Wednesday …you get the idea) a search engine, i.e. Google would rank the item high because of the repetition of the key word.

Persons searching for exercise would see the Hubpages item at the top of the first page of a Google,and click on it. The site got millions of hits, the ‘writer’ (term used loosely) would make thousands of dollars.

Until Google slapped down Hubpages as a ‘Content Farm’ (a polite way of saying a very busy cow pasture).


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Written by jaylar