How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves -72

The story of M.Q. and his site, (which went down, without warning)  is something everyone who writes on line should imprint on their brains.

Here was M.Q. who didn’t believe that people would shill for a site for Nothing.   Who didn’t believe an average user would attack fellow users who pointed out the tricks and scams he ran…. for M.Q. was running a scam.  

The average users who defended M.Q. didn’t know he had a plan.  Didn’t know how he juggled the payments.  Didn’t know anything, but would attack anyone who posted anything that wasn’t pro his site.

Don’t ever put yourself into the position to be used.  It will only prove you are an idiot and make others hate you.  And you don’t get paid for it.


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Written by jaylar

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