How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 58

On every writing site which practices ‘divide and rule’ there are always persons who, fired by their own selfishness, side with the site against other writers.

“I was always Paid!”  they will broadcast,  “You must have broken the Rules!”  they will accuse their peers.

These persons will not seek explanations as to why their items are always published, and why others suffer the various ‘glitches’.   If  their belly  is full, no one on Earth is hungry.

Of course, this is an act of desperation, in which the powerless think that if they bow to the site they will be safe.

This works for a time.

Then, at some point, the writers who suffer discrimination, who are beset by the ‘glitches’  become the majority.

The mind dead minions who defended the site become victims of the glitches.  After all, as a site begins to collapse, more people have to be shunted to the side.

It is usually the crap writers who, part of this ‘I was Always Paid!’ clique will be the first shunted.

When these flunkies speak out, the site is doomed.


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