How to move old data to a new iPhone

Switching phones can be a pesky task, you run the risk of losing all your data if you haven’t taken a backup of it all and that can be a very sticky situation. And before you think of using your iCloud backup remember the storage limitations that come with it and then think of all the files that you’re going to have to delete to make sure you don’t overdo it with everything that you’re backing up.

iTunes is also of no help when it comes to this situation. You’re simply going to have to look for an alternative when it comes to this, because of all the restrictions you face because of DRM.

So how does one successfully backup all their data on their iPhone? Well we’ve been looking around for answers and we stumbled across something we think is the best one. DearMob iPhone Manager is a simply to use tool that simplifies everything to do with backing up and restoring data. In this article we go over how one can use DearMob to backup all the data on their iPhone including pictures, contacts, calendar entries and more. Read on to find out more.

But before we get ahead of ourselves we’d like to tell you how you can get your hands on a free copy of DearMob.

It’s nothing too complicated to be very honest with you, you simply have to visit the following website go grab your free copy now!

How to backup your data using DearMob

Connect your device to your PC via the cable that was provided to you.

Open up DearMob and find the “Backup your device” section and select it

Click “Backup Now”

DearMob also allows you to encrypt your files using a password. If you wish to encrypt the backup you just made, simply select the backup and hit the encrypt button.

Here’s a YouTube video for your reference :

How to restore your data

Restoring your files is just as simple as backing up your data. Simply connect the phone that you wish to get all the data restored

Open the software and select the restore option which is right next to the backup option.

From the list of backups choose the copy of the backup you wish to restore, if the copy is encrypted and you see a prompt on screen enter the password that you’d set on the file.

Once that press the “restore now” button

The backup will be saved over all the data that exists on the phone, so make sure you’ve got everything backed up or the phone is empty.

Other important features

Transfer files without having to worry about DRM

When you use DearMob you can transfer all your music and video files without any DRM issues.  The files go through DearMob aren’t checked for authentication by iTunes.

Even with photos there are no restrictions like iTunes places due to cloud storage. You can backup all the files that you need from all the albums that you want. Don’t worry about the amount of pictures on there. Just back it all up.

Other features

DearMob also allows users to install files from sources other than the App Store, similar to what Android users have been doing for all these years.

The Verdict

DearMob is a brilliant replacement tool for iTunes and is far more useful than iTunes is at the current moment and the fact that you can get DearMob for absolute free makes it all the more better.

We can’t recommend this software enough.


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Written by Shahbaz Ahmed


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