How to Increase YouTube Video Likes & Views by Yourself

YouTube is one of the most leading social networks that come up with millions of followers from all across the globe. There are so many people following videos, so many account users with millions of followers. But for any new account, getting a handful of likes and views is a big challenge. A lot many people on do new the easiest way to get YouTube likes and views on their videos and they follow these tips and tricks. If you are having a new account on YouTube, you can easily get more likes and views on the account by simply following these tips on How to Increase YouTube Video likes and Views by Yourself.

How to Increase YouTube Video Likes & Views by Yourself

1. Encourage Subscribers:

If you wish to get more YouTube video views and likes, you can always encourage your users to view more of your videos. You can make announcements in the video about watching your other videos and liking them. You can also encourage them by writing in the description. This helps the people to follow the link and view your other videos always.

2. Ask them what they want to see:

Engaging with your YouTube audience is a great thing and all that you need to do is to ask them what they like to view. You can share live videos, allow them to comment on your videos and ask them in the description. This response counts a lot as you will be able to find a lot of suggestions. Once you get these suggestions, you can always use these comments to make your new video. The likes and views will be much more.

3. Playlists:

YouTube has stunning features to keep your audience engaged to your channel. But for this, you can always take the option of YouTube playlists. You can follow a few guides on how to create a playlist and add it accordingly. This always helps you to find the best playlists and create them for your videos. So when one video ends, the users will be able to find your next video. It helps a lot to increase likes and views in many videos.

4. Use watermarks:

It is general that everybody will not like a similar type of content on your YouTube page. So you can always take the opportunity to put in videos that will really matter for them. You can put other interesting videos related to your niche which will catch the eyes. You can add cards, use end screens or even place watermarks on these videos so that you can retain the ownership.

5. Niche:

Choosing the best niche is obvious and you must pick a niche on which you specialize. YouTube is not just a place for earning, but it allows exposure to your talent. So if you have a specific niche, try to focus on it. This will allow more YouTube video likes and views from a specific set of audience. Remember one thing that the content is king. If you fluctuate on your niche, people will not find it attractive enough.

6. Titles:

One of the best ways to get more YouTube video likes and views is to ensure that you have a good title. A lot of searches come from titles on YouTube. So make your title search friendly. You can take the help of an SEO guide on how to make attractive YouTube video titles. This allows for indirect search results. So the more crispy and apt your title is the video will crawl to the top.

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  1. yeah, i have used interesting music from Youtube’s free music. But i sometimes do my videos on Windows Movie Maker, and upload it on Youtube where i then add the free Youtube music for my video.

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