How Does Abbotsford Web Design Affect SEO?

For an online business, a website plays an important role in sales. Abbotsford web design affects SEO in various ways. Search engines prefer ranking sites in top places, which are easy to navigate by users. Additionally, Google’s John Mueller recommends keeping site speed less than 2-3 seconds.

Search engine optimization starts with a website, and you keep on making relevant changes to provide users with pleasing experience. In addition to content, trending designs are necessary. So, while developing visually appealing features, you should focus on the site design that contributes a lot in search engine ranking.

Role of Abbotsford Web Design in SEO

Site Speed

This is one of the essential factors search engines consider when determining the site rankings. Sites that takes less time in loading often get ranked at the top places in SERPs.

In 2010, Google announced that page speed would affect the site ranking. It refers to the total time visitors have to wait until your site loads completely. However, the ideal load time for a site is approximately 3 seconds or less.

Google says-

“A search result for a resource having a short load time relative to resources having longer load times can be promoted in a presentation order, and search results for the resources having longer load times can be demoted.”


Navigation is another factor that affects a site’s SEO performance. Users are more likely to exit sites when they don’t get what they want quickly. So, always make your site easy to use and navigate so that visitors stay longer.

Navigation refers to the internal links within your site, which help users access all pages. It is also used by search engines to index new pages and understand the content and relationships between pages.

Additionally, if visitors get what they want on your site, they will return and recommend others to visit your site.

Contact a reputed web design Abbotsford agency to get a fine navigation design.

SEO Content

Content is king. If you post informational content, your site will definitely be loved by users. However, while creating high-quality posts, you should also consider some SEO factors such as using relevant keywords, keyword density, etc.

So, spend more time in finding and focusing on your niche. Analyze your customers’ requirements, current problems they are facing and provide relevant solutions. Also, use high-authority, relevant sites to create backlinks.

Heading Tags

Heading tags help users to know what the web page is all about. So, always create killer, catchy, and SEO-friendly headlines that attract both visitors and search engines.

Furthermore, H1-H6 tags help in dividing the content into different sections, making it easy to understand for visitors. Readers will be able to find important topics easily and quickly.

Covering it up—website design Abbotsford plays a significant role in SEO. If your site is easy to navigate, users will love it and stay longer. But, if it has a complex structure and difficult to browse, users will exit it and move to other sites. This leaves a bad impression of your site to the visitors and search engines as well. So, always have a well-designed site with easy navigation, high-quality content, and fine images to improve search engine ranking.


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