Home automation project part 5

In my four previous home automation project posts we have talked about the following: fix your network, install door locks, video cameras and the Fingbox network security and monitoring system. Each of these initial projects is not hard, and each can be done without doing the other projects. Ultimately the other side of home automation is what I like to call “don’t do” projects that will cause you to have to redo other projects. If you do the ones I’ve listed so far, you will build your system and not have to start over with later projects. Planning is critical with home automation.

The other consideration is what’s next. If you are going to go to a master system, one that controls everything, then at this point you need to stop and start planning. What do you want to control? My recommendation would be to engage a Home Automation professional, and I strongly recommend the Control4 system. Now, the problem with home automation master systems (that is a system that knows about everything your house that is connected) is the reality of wiring.

  1. Does your house have to wire for networking today? Home Automation systems work best if the base units can be connected via ethernet.
  2. If this is a new house you are considering building, add network wiring! You won’t regret it.

If you don’t have to wire today than the next consideration is put your home automation hub next to your internet router. That way you can plug it in.

What you automate next is dependent on the system you choose. Many years ago I had a somewhat automated house with X-10. I say somewhat because there were times when the house and the devices didn’t like the network, and there were issues. I recommend starting with connecting your lights to the master home automation system as your first project. You can, if you choose Control4 then control all the connected lights via an easy to use the app on your mobile device!

Planning is critical for home automation. You don’t want to install something that you will later have to redo.


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