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Here’s what the two tiny dots at the top of your iPhone are for

Do you have an iPhone? Well if you don’t have one then you can easily see one of your mobile sensors on the top near the speaker grill.

In the case for iPhone it’s not really that visible, it’s perfectly hidden by Apple and those sensors have their own respective uses for your iPhone to work properly.

If you look closely on your iPhone there’s two (2) hidden sensors which are the Ambient Light Sensor and the Proximity Sensor.

The Ambient Light Sensor is what controls the automatic brightness on your phone. It detects how great or low the intensity of light (by lux) and automatically adjusts’ the screen brightness so you can see your screen even on direct sunlight.

The Proximity Sensor detects if the phone is near on you or near on something. So for example if there’s a call then it automatically turns the brightness and the screen touch function off so it will not interfere with your call.

Watch the video for more information 🙂


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