Fragile information framework

Superfragileinformation is a term I’ve coined, and it reminds me of Mary Poppin’s favorite word. The one she says in the movie, that you spend a week after the move learning to say. Even though the sound of it, is something quite atrocious.  Information is something that organizations stress over. The concept of information security is one that organizations spend resources to achieve. Information preservation, protection, and governance have become law in many countries and regions. There are laws and regulations around the concept of what is and how can information be used and seen.

Information is the most and least fragile element of any organization.

  • Least fragile in that there is information that won’t impact the organization if it is lost
  • Most fragile because there is information that if lost, would destroy the organization

Its why I often use what I call the information framework. The three components of the framework are risk, value and time. Where risk represents the spectrum above, can we afford to lose the information? Value is the other side of risk, where we can attribute the value of the information once shared and finally time. How quickly does the information become stale? How quickly does the user need the information for it to be valuable?

The best example of this is information that is provided to a user quickly can be consumed properly and ultimately benefits the company. The other side of this is that same information not provided in a timely fashion resulting in a loss. When the information arrives can greatly influence both the ability to act on that information but also the reality of the impact of the information based on the time. Bill Gates always used to say “right information, the right time to make the right decision.”

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