Features To Be Revealed in iOS 12

Apple is now focusing more on improving the performance rather than innovating new technology. iOS 12 which is suppose to be released in this fall is focusing on iPhone responsiveness and speed. Some of the key areas they are focusing is:

  • Keyboard will be 50% faster.
  • Camera will be 70% faster.
  • App loading will be twice as fast with iOS 12

ARKit 2 Features

A new file format for sharing of AR content is features in iOS 12 by Apple. Apple is also launching a new in default application called Measure which helps you to measure any size of the time by simply drawing a finger across them when camera mouth is open. This app is totally based on augmented reality (AR) concept.

Many other things has also been implemented to feel the AR in real world. It has also opened the doors for mobile app developers to focus and deliver an awesome AR application.

Photos Improvement

The Apple has introduced new tab in photo app named at ” For You “, which suggest you what all you can do with the photos you have saved in that tab. These suggestions includes and is not limited to making looped Live Photos, or getting suggestion of the person available in your photos and with whom you can share with and more.

Siri Gets More Sharper Mind

Apple has implemented a new feature in Siri named as Shortcut to build the voice commands and integrate it with third parties apps. Siri has also been enabled with custom commands, so that you can train it personally. For instance say you are running late for the meeting, it will automatically tell your colleagues that you will be reaching late by this time.

Now Siri will give you suggestions for the places near your vicinity even when the screen is locked .

Do Not Disturb And Group Notifications

Do not disturb feature has been introduced along with the grouped notification, wherein you can address notification from lock screen and can turn on the timer for do not disturb even for the specified location.

FaceTime With Group Calling Upto 32 Friends

Was used to on calling on with one on one friend in FaceTime? Now Apple has introduced group calling features by which you can video call upto 32 friends at a time. A user can join the group FaceTime either directly from group thread or can join anytime.

Create An Animoji For Self

The iOS 12 has also been introduced with another exciting and fun laden feature Memoji wherein you can even customise your own Animoji and can play with custom hair styles, skin tone changing, changing eyewear style and more.Parental Control Improvement With Screen TimeIn case you are parents and want to keep eye on your child activity, their usage and control the screen time , then you must opt for iPhone with iOS 12 as it allows you to set limits to phone usage by child.

Some Other Features:

  • By Apple News you can discover interesting content to browse features.
  • Voice memos has also been updated thus enabling simplicity and can be accessed and saved in iCloud too.
  • It is quite evident that Apple has introduced some amazing features that will improve its performance and attract more user as a whole.

Nowadays there is a hues worldwide market for IOS app development companies, and they are successfully fulfilling there clients requirements.


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