Factors That Determine CNC Prototyping Cost

CNC simply refers to Computer Numerical Control. This has become a very popular way of manufacturing machine parts today. This is because in addition to producing precise and accurate measurements of the machine parts, CNC machining also goes along way in saving on manufacturing costs. CNC machining involves the use of a computer to transform the piece of material into machine parts with increased speed and efficiency.

Factors on which CNC prototyping cost

CNC prototyping cost is a factor that greatly varies depending on the company you are seeking the services from. There are very many aspects of CNC prototype machining that vary from one company to the other and hence the varying costs. However, there are some general factors that greatly affect the CNC prototyping cost and some of them are outlined below:

The materials being used for CNC prototyping

This is a very key factor that affects the cost of CNC prototype machining. Some of the materials available are expensive to acquire and some are difficult to work-with. In such a case, the cost of CNC prototyping will be greatly-increased. There are also other materials that take a lot of time to be machined and there are also others that are hazardous to work-with. All these are aspects of the material that will generally-increase the cost of CNC machining.

Thes kill of the operator

With the complex machine part designs and difficult materials to machine,there is need for more expertise and skill. In addition to training,the operator should have a lot of experience dealing with the particular materials you have and the designs you need. This is because trends change and you should be able to get the best out of the operator not only in terms of quality but also design. When you hire a highly skilled operator, then the cost of CNC machining will tend to be higher that when you hire an operator that is not very skilled.

The design

Different operations and machines require different machine part designs for effective operation. While there are those parts that do not need to be very precise and have generally simple designs, there are those that have a complex design. Most of the machine parts that have a complex design often require that the measurements are done accurately and the machine part is able to accurately fit into the required machine. Machining these parts often requires more time,precision and accuracy and therefore the cost tends to be higher.


CNC machining is a technique of designing and producing machine parts using a computer. The technique has gained popularity due to the fact that it is more efficient, accurate and even cost effective. However,the price of CNC machining and prototyping varies from one company to the other. The cost varies use to the influence of certain factors like the type of material, the level of skills and expertise required and the required design. There are just but a few of the factors that affect the cost of CNC prototyping and machining. Other factors may include rules and regulations, the environmental effects of the process, the inspection criteria required and even additional finishes and treatments required.


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