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Duals – The Big Trick – 2

Many Admins create Duals to earn coin.  

For example,  Bright posts a brilliant item on the Black Plague.  Owner/ Admin who has to ‘approve’ each item before being published,  doesn’t.  He takes that post, reworks it a bit, and publishes it as Dual.

Bright’s item will be rejected for ‘plagiarism’.

In some case the Admin of this site is a simple user on that site.   This makes stealing so much easier.  Imagine Bright posting on ‘Daily Two Cents’ and the Admin stealing the articles and posting it under another name on Expert Column.

Owners/Admins publish their stuff under their Dual so that they can earn.  Since they are ALWAYS published and you are not, they get most of the money.   This is how many sites work.  This is on top of the 50% they take from your earnings.

Be conscious of this and give people who are posted every day a bit of a wide berth because they might just be the Admin.

And the Admin can kick you off the site.

And steal your money.  For it is STANDARD practice that when a user is kicked off, the money that user earned goes into the Admin’s pocket.


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Written by jaylar

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