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Write it down, if you think you will forget.  

Anyone who knows ‘everything’ is to be avoided.  Whether they are arguing about politics or a television show,  when they attack what you post, when they make posts which you take umbrage to, don’t comment.

Sure, if you are paid for comments,  post a bland word or two to keep them filling your pocket.  But NEVER confront.

In many cases, the guy who knows everything about a website is either an idiot, (and when you argue with an idiot it is hard to remember who is the idiot) or a Dual of those in charge.

If Bill Gates is discussing Microsoft, well, yeah, he knows what he is saying.  But he didn’t log on as Bill Gates.  He logged on as AskBill.  

Although he didn’t ban people who didn’t know who AskBill was, he is the exception.

Hence, anyone posts with ‘authority’, back off.


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