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Days Gone By – 2

A long time ago, sites would demand long items full of images.  This forced writers to add many unnecessary words and paragraphs.  

Then, reality  set in, people want their information now.  They want the shorter more pithy item which gets to the point.

Sure, there are many articles which must be long, because there is a great deal of information to dispense.

However, cutting it into segments so that each one can stand alone, gives the reader nothing but the information desired.

Today, most people do not finish reading the long article.  When it is two or more screens, they stop at or before the third.  

If you think about it, very often, you’ll scroll through the opening paragraphs to get to the information, sometimes racing down the sentences.

Sites which only publish long articles are not read by the public.  Those sites which have changed with the times get the hits.  Those that have not are ignored.


What do you think?


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