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Cyber Tips – Think they Know Everything

There are some people who think they  know every thing.  You can be sitting in the stadium, watching the match, and they can be on the  other side  of the planet;  but they’ll tell you what is happening on the pitch.

They know everything; especially if they live in America.  No people on this planet are more brain washed or filled with propaganda than Americans.

They will believe that their country sent aid to yours without an eyelash of proof.

If  you tell them, no, they will repeat and become angry;  because America did everything and helped everyone, every day.

There are people who believe what they read on a hoax site because it was on the Internet.  Because they ‘know everything’ they will believe it.

Although annoying, when you are on a site which pays you for views or comments, don’t try to push light into their darkness.  Let them post until their fingers bleed.

Many people are so brain washed they can’t help themselves so it might as well help your pocket.


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