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Cyber Tips – Reality 3

There once was a site called Triond.   This was one of the first publishing sites.  It paid pretty well had had a large number of good writers.  

There was a Forum on Triond where user would hang out and discuss various topics, including the fact that there was no ‘quality’ check.

There had been a time when articles on the Front Page in ‘Hot Topics’ were really the best.  Now, they were chosen by other writers.   What was happening is these five pals always voted up each other’s work, even when it was ridiculous; i.e. a menu from a local diner.

The crew in that Triond Forum wanted to get Admin’s attention.  

One of them posted;  “Johnny Depp Commits Suicide”.   As this was posted in 2006 it is pretty obvious it wasn’t true.

That article got millions of hits.

In 2008, when Barack Obama was elected President those in that Forum were aware of how many people were upset that there was a Black Man in the White House.

They decided to create ‘Whitehouse Insider’  which would be very negative towards Obama.  

To flag that this was a hoax they used the name “Ulsterman”.    I say ‘they’  because more than one person wrote these articles.

These articles became incredibly popular, getting millions of hits and the writers thought to form their own site but Stanza, which published Triond, gave them free space to host the Whitehouse Insider.


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