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Cyber Tips – Privacy – Intro

When we, in Jamaica, first entered Cyberspace, the number of computer literate people would fit in a small minivan.  

We knew each other, but used Nick Names online.  Maybe it was a hacker mentality, maybe it was just fun; but from Airdog to Forge to Sadam Sysop,  we used Nicks.  When we met, we called each other by the Nicks.

Women who joined BBS would get a lot of lyricsing… (a polite way of saying being hit on) so using the name Worf seemed smarter than Deanna.  Most  women used male or non-gender nicks.

There was a hacking on a BBS (Bulletin Board Server) in which a kid figured out the passwords of others.  In those days, people went for the easy ones; 1234, or ABCD, or Bank used by Banker or whatever.

This taught us to go for the unintuitive;  So Banker changed his password from Bank to B@n@n@.

When we entered the great Internet, we came with the ‘baggage’ of using Nicks, disguising our sex, nationality, age, etc. to protect ourselves from those who lurked.

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